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18 July, 2016 Denver, CO, USA

Headline: CiteEvidence launches Kickstarter for 'massive' fact-checking

CiteEvidence.org will hold a fundraiser and public voting campaign to determine which major news source will be fact-checked on a large scale by the organization. Their Massive Media Check campaign intends to fact-check ten thousand news articles from the news source that receives the most votes from donors. A weighted voting system will be used whereby each donor will receive and control one vote for every dollar they contribute to the campaign. The goal of the Massive Media Check is to help add to the company's evidence database which is used by their Fact Checker browser extension to annotate web pages that have been fact-checked by its users. Their Kickstarter runs through August 18, 2016.

[edit] About CiteEvidence

CiteEvidence is a privately owned and operated company providing a platform for the fact-checking of documents by its member community. Their Fact Checker browser extension works with a wiki-style website to populate web pages with evidence to Statements Under Scrutiny (SUS). The mission of CiteEvidence is to make crowd-sourced fact-checking free and ubiquitous through all forms of interaction with the world wide web. CiteEvidence is based out of Denver, Colorado.



1312 17th St. #115

Denver, CO 80202

Twitter: @CiteEvidence