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Leave your questions here about the rules for creating SUS and citing evidence or anything else pertaining to the Help page. To start a new section for a new question, click "+" under the "Help page" menu button above. To reply to someone, start a new line with a colon, ":" to indent.

[edit] What if the evidence is computer generated output?

I created a sus for a FlightAware map, so maybe there should be a source form for software output?

That's a good idea. Al Johnson (talk) 17:49, 13 July 2016 (UTC)

[edit] Where is code Repository?

Mozilla Firefox states (https://archive.today/OloYW) that you extension is under the "BSD License" (https://archive.today/0ZOUT). You site (https://archive.today/v0HEr) uses a creative commons license (https://archive.today/4AMh3). But no where does it seem to state where that code is. Would someone plz tell me where the code is located and under which license everything is. Btw how the heck do you use this editor? Would you plz consider using Discourse: https://www.discourse.org/